What path are you taking?


Have you ever been on the way to run an errand or on a road trip where suddenly you come up to a sign that reads Detour? You find yourself on an unplanned detour going in directions that seem opposite to where you want to be headed and making turns that seem a bit confusing.  One minute you were heading straight to your destination and the next thing you knew you were having to turn onto a dreaded detour, taking twists and turns you never expected.  

There seems to be so many unknowns on a detour.  How much longer is this route going to take? Will I arrive late to my destination? How far out of the way is this detour taking me?   Will there be any gas stations or convenience stores in case I need to make a stop?  What if I miss one of the detour signs along the way and really get lost? This detour was certainly not part of the plan!

Detours happen on the road.  And, as most of us have now discovered, detours happen in life.  Currently it seems as if the whole world is on one major detour, a major life detour.  During this time there seems to be so many unknowns, making it a challenge to do our daily tasks or to even try to make any sort of plans.  No one signed up for this. 

Even though this is not something any of us signed up for, there are things we can be mindful to help us navigate through it the best we can.  Here are a few things to consider:  Be DETERMINED as we continue the journey and EMBRACE the experience.  THINK about how to make the most of this detour; discovering things we may not have noticed otherwise.  Acknowledge that while it may take more time than we had anticipated, be OPEN-MINDED to this opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world we live in, deepening our level of UNDERSTANDING.  REMEMBER to practice self-care and compassion.  More often than not, things in life do not turn out as we had planned.

If you are struggling with the detour, find the support that you need.  Surround yourself with healthy, supportive friends and, if you find you need an additional layer of support, use the help of a trained professional.  Working with a counselor or coach can be the added support needed to help you through the unexpected twists and turns.  To explore options on how to best navigate your detour and get support, click here.

Find Your Path

Do you feel like at times you are just wandering through life aimlessly?  Are you confused about what direction to go or what is your best next step?  Just like a GPS or a road map provides you with directions to your next destination, we are all in need of some direction or guidance in our life.  Fortunately, there is more than one way to get to our next destination.  There are alternative routes.

Depending on the time of day when there may be more traffic or the season of the year when their may be more road construction, one route may be preferred over another.  Maybe time is of the essence, so you opt to take the “fastest” route.  Or, maybe you are not in any hurry, so you choose the more scenic, less direct, route.  You get to choose which route is the best for you at the time.

So, too, do you get to choose the best path for your life journey.  Somedays it may seem like you don’t have any options, yet you do! 

Sometimes we just need some guidance to determine which route to take; to discover which path is currently the best one.  Once we determine the best route to take then mapping out the way, step-by-step, will help with a relatively smooth journey.  The good news is that if we ever take a wrong turn, which will likely happen from time to time, we can re-route ourselves so we can get back on our unique path of our journey.  With a little encouragement and guidance, we can find the path that best suits us. 

Are you looking for more direction in your life?  Does it seem like you could use some encouragement and guidance as you navigate through this time or season of life? Do you want to discover the best path for you?  Maybe you are looking for some direction on your career path or looking for guidance with your relationships?  If this sounds like you and you are ready to explore next steps for your journey, contact me today to discover how I may best be of assistance to you as you determine what route to take on your journey.  Take the next step…contact me today!